A Day of Rest

PCT Day 5: Zero in Idyllwild

May 7, 2019

Today was a day for chores and socializing. The coffee shop was for cards and chess; the grocery store offered more supplies (can you say Snickers?); the post office was a place to mail some food ahead and to send some unneeded supplies home (goodbye, half pound journal!); and the pizza parlor was for discussions of politics, religion, and hockey.

My trail name is now “Muscle,” for the story I keep having to tell about my extra muscle that took me off the trail the first time. Whittling my trail name down to “Muscle” took a few iterations (“Extra Muscle” and “Double Buff” duked it out at first), but the simplest version won out. I met Next Level at the post office and introduced myself as Muscle. Introducing yourself to someone new using only your trail name is typically the final stage of trail name acceptance.

Tomorrow, Carjack and I have plans to hitchhike back to the Paradise Valley Cafe with T-Pain to begin the climb into the San Jacintos. (Carjack is named for the way she demanded a ride from a stopped car to get herself and a whole group of hikers out of a horrendous storm and to the town of Julian back near mile 75. With her, I expect T-Pain and I will get a ride no problem.)

After some very warm days in the desert, weather in the upcoming mountain section is expected to be near freezing before accounting for windchill, and there is a good chance that snow will fall at the summit of Mt. San Jacinto (10,833’) when we reach it on Friday. Our next stop is a brief resupply at the Walmart in Cabazon (near mile 210), and then we’ll hike on to the town of Big Bear at mile 265.

Before the resupply (drying gear and taking stock of food supplies)

Hungry? (The food for the next section)

After the resupply (packed and ready for an early hitch)

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