Gear List

This spreadsheet lists all of the gear I will be carrying at the start of my hike in Southern California.

On a trip as long as this one, my packing list will necessarily evolve with the conditions I encounter on the trail. For example, to safely navigate snowbound passes in the Sierras, I expect to carry an ice axe and either crampons or micro spikes. In Northern California, I will likely switch to lighter clothing layers as the weather warms. In addition to these changes, I expect I will lighten my load by mailing superfluous items home or discovering lighter options along the way. Two pieces of gear I expect will change rapidly are my mug (a whopping 5 ounces!) and my journaling setup (the journal is beautiful, but it weighs half a pound!).


My gear at the start of the hike. Note the clean toes.



I am not sponsored by any gear companies (or any companies, for that matter). Opinions expressed about pieces of gear are informed solely by my experience.