PCT Itinerary

Here is a link to my tentative itinerary for my hike this summer. I will be updating it as I fall behind or find myself ahead of schedule. All dates are subject to change, and those north of Kennedy Meadows are prone to especially drastic rearrangement.


A Note about the Sierra

The Sierra Nevada mountains are a major source of uncertainty this year because of their enormous snowpack (> 170% of normal). Snow in the high country makes for slow overland travel and treacherous stream crossings. When I get to Kennedy Meadows (~ mile 700), I will assess the conditions and decide either to hike through the Sierra immediately or to engage in a practice known as “flip-flopping”: skipping the Sierra until later in the season when they have melted out more thoroughly. A flip-flop would involve traveling from Kennedy Meadows to Northern California by car or train, hiking for a month or two, and then returning to the south to attempt the Sierra later in the summer.


7 Responses to PCT Itinerary

  1. Mariah says:

    Wow, Korbi, your trip sounds fantastic! I stumbled upon your site when renewing my PCT membership. I went to college with your Mom and last saw her when your parents lived east of Sacramento (before you were born). I’m hoping to somehow connect with you when you’re in Oregon, where I live. I’ll be heading to MN for the birth of a grandchild when you’re nearest to Salem, but hope to catch up with you and meet you somewhere along the trail!

  2. Mary Jenkins says:

    Korbi, I look forward to following your progress! What a life changing experience you are embarking upon. Best of luck to you. Mary Jenkins

  3. Mariah says:

    I’m enjoying your posts. What a wonderful opportunity to learn about yourself and rise to every challenge and conquer it.

  4. John Riley-Portal says:

    Hey Korbi,
    How exciting and awesome! Thank you for the daily posts. I’m glad you escaped the rattlesnake!

    Good luck,

  5. Wyeth McAdam Edgelow says:

    Dearest Cousin,
    So proud of you. Thanks especially for your selfie with Katie. I hope you manage a way to heal and accomplish your goals – although the journey in itself seems pretty awesome. I would love to see you next time you are in the East Bay. Best wishes and may you have warmer and quieter nights.
    All my love,

  6. Wyeth McAdam Edgelow says:

    P.S. I love the titles to your posts. You cracked me up.

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